The Three Selves


I find it quite symbolic that it’s impossible to make it through a day without seeing some reflection of yourself, even if it’s just your shadow.

We all have different versions of ourselves.

There is usually the pretty package “daily” self you present to the world on the surface. It can be anything to make our life in society easier and more acceptable. To get you through the day or to hide from whatever you aren’t ready to deal with.

It is, however, very difficult to avoid your other two selves.

First, your shadow self, that is going through the deepest experiences of your mind, giving you the feeling of struggle, questioning everything, but also making you stronger in many ways and more resistant to the challenges of life (and even death). There is also your mirror self. Seeing yourself in a mirror, your reflection, it gives you the chance to see your true self, the one that only you truly know and understand. You can’t escape from this version of yourself, you can only work on making this version of yourself the one you want to be. Life is a journey of self discovery, healing, and change.

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