Introducing an exclusive art collection by Lora Zombie, 'The Courage' illustrates themes of bravery, inner strength, and supporting those we love in trying times. You are stronger than you think. 🐻💙

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The Courage Puzzle

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The Courage

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Lucky Star

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The Courage Notebook

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Courage II



    The initial inspiration and idea for 'The Courage' came from my desire to support a friend suffering the loss of someone very close and precious to them, their 'mamma bear' and them trying to find the light in that darkness.

    I developed the concept, thinking of spirit animals, and how people that give us strength and inspiration are always with us even when they are gone.

    As a final piece, the message is simple: you are stronger than you think."

    - Lora Zombie


    Lora Zombie (b. 1990) was set on becoming an artist at very early age. The self-taught artist first gained recognition in the late 2000s as her work circulated online, reaching millions of people through blogs, news outlets, and social media. Since then, Lora has developed into a top seller on the urban art scene with exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Russia and more, bringing in the interest of collectors and fans worldwide.



“I have loved this piece so much ever since I saw it online this summer. I recently bought it for my granddaughter because it has so much meaning for us. My heart soared when it arrived and I saw the quality of this print. The colors are so rich and vivid, it is printed on excellent robust material. I am in love with this and am so pleased with the service and the talent Lora has. I can't wait to gift it!”

Anne B.

“I love the courage! It constantly makes me smile! As a father this is exactly how I view each of my children when they overcome an obstacle or a fear.”

Steve L.

“I've lusted after this for 2 years. It speaks to my journey and I'm thrilled to have finally bought it. Even better in person than I thought it would be - exceeded my expectations. ☺️ I love waking up and starting my day with courage.”

Laurel N.

“Beautiful image that is going to hang in my classroom to remind my students that they are stronger and braver than they realize! The print is lovely in every way — looking forward to ordering more prints in the future!”

John Smith

“This was a gift for my wife. She loves polar bears and has been my shining example of bravery! Our family motto includes the phrase...”refuse fear”. We both LOVE the artwork and the symbolism it has for us! I even painted a special wall for it. Delivery was so fast! Great customer service!”

Jordan G.

“It reminds me of my dad. We always referred to him as the bear due to his outgoing personality and sheer volume of his voice (and possibly his temper at times). He installed that mentality in me. Thank you for this print.”

Rachel M.