Sketchbook Challenge


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Originally launched as an Indiegogo project, Sketchbook Challenge by Lora Zombie is an all-in-one creative journey that everyone can participate in and benefit from, at any skill level.

We designed the Sketchbook Challenge as an interactive creative journey, to help anyone expand their imagination, be more creative, find their inner child, and have FUN.

Throughout the sketchbook are a series of 30+ challenges to guide you through your own creative journey. Each challenge is designed to be about imagination, not technical skill.

Also includes 18 color pages of selected Lora Zombie works introduced by Lora with descriptions and accompanying text in her own words.

  • $30 Each ($60 For Signed Collectors Edition - See Below for Details)
  • 6.75 x 8.5 Inches
  • 75 Sketch Pages (Suitable For All Mediums)
  • 18 Bonus Color Pages Featuring Art and Inspiration by Lora Zombie
  • Rear Pocket With 3 Stencils
  • Designed for All Ages and Skill Levels
  • A Perfect Creative and Inspired Holiday Gift 🎁
  • Signed Collectors Edition: The Collectors Edition is hand-signed by Lora Zombie and includes 3 Exclusive and Signed 6x9 Inch Signed Mini Prints (The One You Feed, Welcome To Yourself, Get It Together)