"It’s truly rare when my own work makes me experience so many feelings. I was feeling truly blessed to work on this piece, it gave me a beautiful sensation of feeling in love, at peace, and safe and inspired. I’m absolutely in love with this piece and I hope you can experience the same magic feeling seeing it as well.

Water dragons in my work represent my love for the water element. I love water, its energy, its mutability, its magic.

Water heals everything. Water is my role model. Sometimes to seal my meditations I say “I am the water.”

Dragons felt like a perfect shape to capture water energy more often and to do water dragon meditations.

Each water dragon I paint is devoted to a river, lake or ocean. Water small and great.  

I hope every water dragon i bring to this world will bring joy love and healing to whoever possesses it …because thats what water does and i am the water. 🌊♾💙"

- Lora Zombie

  • Mixed Media on Paper
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