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Earth Day 2018 Original Sketches + A Special Message

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"Awareness of the Earth is one of the most amazing discoveries we can make in life.

It's like a pure treasure hidden right in front of our eyes, it's so obvious, it's always right here. But, it's so special, the earth is a holy grail, a source of infinite life. The opportunity to take the energy of land and to produce it back into the universe is amazing. Photosynthesis of energies between us is magic.

We get so used to hearing about 'all that nature and green stuff and animals living in it and climate change and .....' But really, try to take a moment and think about the wonder of the world we live in and the systems that keep it alive and working. A lifetime wouldn't be enough to learn, understand, and experience all the features of the world we live in. Chemistry, elements, life, energy, it's crazy.

History, culture, artifacts, so much of it is human ego that is nothing in the face of the unbelievable power and wonder of the Earth.

Start your research today, learn more about this Earth we live in, love what we trample down every day."

- Lora Zombie, Earth Day, 2018

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