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"Feeling blue. The sadness.

It's one beautiful state of mind from many others in our color palette of moods.

Some people try to avoid this feeling. They feel ashamed about this feeling.

I never bring my sadness to anyone. I don't like to abuse people I know with my “deepest deep” feelings of sadness.

But yes, some days I feel deathly sad. Feelings of it's all for nothing and I'm all alone. The world and some  people living in it feel too heavy on my fragile girl shoulders sometimes.

The best way to describe my saddest times under the weight of this world would be a final scene of Blade Runner(1982). I feel like the replicant - “I've seen things you people wouldn’t believe." The important thing is that I've accepted my “feeling blue” days as a special reboot for my soul. Like drowning in a clear lake naked for a moment, to get all brand new, refreshed, clean, and shiny.

Cry “like a bitch” if it makes you feel better, but don't die in this moment, live in it. Let this feeling take you on a trip in your mind, and try to learn what you can from it.

The feeling of blue, sadness, is not a destructive feeling. It's a special kind of creative fuel, to create like a God.🔥💙🔥"

- Lora Zombie

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