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Introducing: NEW Time Limited First Edition Prints

First Editions are a brand new, time limited, signed format of prints available exclusively from LoraZombie.com.

A First Edition is the very first multiple of a Lora Zombie original creation. These Editions are designed to be prized and special because they are as close as a collector can get to the original artwork. They are also produced in a single limited run and are only available to order for a very limited time.

We know that the difference between something good and something great is the attention to detail. So we have worked painstakingly hard on every detail of a First Edition release to make sure it's not only the first release but also the most special and unique reproduction of the original work that will ever be available.

Creating a Perfect Image

The digital scan of the original work is just the starting point. We work over every pixel of the scan of the original painting. We adjust and perfect it in several iterations overseen by our Creative Lead and Lora Zombie, proofing it and adjusting it over and over again until every detail prints flawlessly and meets ours and Lora’s strict standards for perfection. We don’t allow ourselves to be held back by the concept of simply reproducing the original work, our goal is to make the best reproduction possible. Something that stands alone from all other formats, the original is just the starting point. We use every possible technology available to us to be sure the print quality and output is as flawless and stunning as it can be.

Ultra Heavy 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper

The paper we use is a natural soft 100% cotton rag paper. It’s a heavier 290GSM compared to the 250GSM we use for Open Edition Prints, but most importantly it’s soft to the touch with a natural white color that looks as soft and luxurious as it feels. It’s the same pedigree, look and feel of paper used for old school printing techniques. We’ve let the printing technology evolve, but have kept the basis of all the great prints created over decades and centuries the same.

Uniquely Identifiable Touches and Details

The border around the image is unique to this format, but also allows for several unique marks and features. Look up close and you’ll see a blind embossed mark of authenticity in the lower left corner of each release certifying it’s an authentic reproduction overseen by Lora Zombie Studio. In the lower center, each release has a raised foil embossed design that is designed specially for that piece, and is destroyed at the conclusion of the edition. Lower right, as a final application, each piece is hand signed by Lora Zombie in HB pencil to create a permanent mark on the work from the artists hand.

A COA As Special As The Print Itself

The Certificate of Authenticity that accompanies each print is designed with the same care for quality and detail as the print itself. Using a superfine extra thick 32 point paper with a colored seam. Along with listing the details such as the size, date and title of the release, each certificate is signed to mark its authenticity with a printed mark to match the custom designed raised embossed foil stamp on the print. Not stopping there, the reverse of the Certificate of Authenticity has a custom design created by Lora along with a written statement to explain or state the intention of the original work.

An Exclusive Format

Exclusivity is important as well. In some cases there will be no further reproduction of the image in any format, but in all cases there will be no print reproductions in any format for a minimum period of 6 months. The First Edition format is Limited and will never be printed again.

Available to Order for A Limited Time Only

Each First Edition is available to order for a Limited Time only. Orders are taken in advance of the print being produced. See here for current , upcoming, and expired First Edition releases, and sign up for our newsletter to be the first to know about new releases here.

For the very best and most collectible print available of your favorite Lora Zombie creation, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase the First Edition.

Our first ever First Edition release "Welcome To Yourself" is available soon.