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Winners of The Lora Zombie 2018 Christmas Tree Challenge

Thank you so much to all who participated in the 2018 Lora Zombie Christmas Tree Challenge. We hope that you enjoyed creating your entries as much as we enjoyed seeing them.

Each entry has been reviewed carefully by Lora, and we are pleased to announce the following winner and 3 runners up.

The Winner 


"This was my favorite example of a finished product. It wasn't just about being 'crafty' so much as a good example of thinking, being resourceful and creating a well made and smart finished product" - Lora Zombie


Runners Up


"I love @elina_rencole's entry as a 'crafty' example" - Lora Zombie



"I love this concept" - Lora Zombie



"I liked this entry as an example of how something like a Christmas Tree can be represented differently, because all of us have a different image of what is 'merry' and 'happy'" - Lora Zombie


The winners will be contacted for prizes, huge thank you to all who entered, you can view the entries in the contest here.