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Lora Zombie Christmas Tree Challenge

Christmas is very nearly here, and though of course not everybody celebrates Christmas we are hoping we can all come together with a fun creative challenge inspired by Lora Zombie's own custom Christmas Tree designs.

The challenge is simple - to create your very own custom designed Christmas Tree Ornament, for a chance to win

Three Examples by Lora Zombie

To get you started with a bit of inspiration, check out these 3 trees and ornaments designed by Lora (use the arrows to flip through the 3 examples).


How To Enter

To enter, you just need to create your own ornament design. It can be just one ornament, it can be a set of ornaments, it can be a full tree theme like Lora's example. It's up to you.

Once you have created your ornament or design, you must:

  1. Follow @LoraZombie on Instagram
  2. Post a photo of your creation and tag @LoraZombie and hashtag #LoraZombieXmas
  3. Be sure to give your creation a title, and feel free to explain in your caption your inspiration or idea behind it (that part is optional - but you must title your creation)

Note: Make sure to post a clear photo of your creation, feel free to make a multi image post showing some additional details.

The Prizes

First prize will win a secret gift from Lora Zombie AND a $250 Gift Card for LoraZombie.com and a $250 Gift Card for HEROTIME

Runners up (3) will each win their choice of Lora Zombie print signed and dedicated by Lora + $100 HEROTIME Gift Card

Tips & Suggestions For The Contest (and All Your Holiday Decor!)

Color Your Tree

Unless you live near a nuclear power plant your tree is probably green, but who says your tree has to stay green? Make it any color or combination of colors you want, we suggest using spray paint but be careful! Some spray paint is meant for outdoors and some for indoors. Make sure to read the instructions/warnings and be careful not to accidentally paint any household pets or siblings.

Paint Your Ornaments

Use paints and colors (we suggest acrylic paints) to make your ornament extra special. It can be planets, funny faces, your pet parrot, whatever you can imagine and dream up! Pro tip: Make sure to let it dry properly and throughly.

Cardboard is Your Friend

Cardboard is the easiest way to create any shape or form you want. It can be flat or three dimensional.

Try to work with a heavier cardboard to have a more solid and less fragile result. Use pencil to mark the lines to fold or cut, scissors to cut and glue to hold it tight.

Oh, you're fancy huh? The Top Of the Tree

Buck tradition and be creative, if your ornament is meant for the top of the tree, it doesn't have to be a star or an angel, what do YOU imagine at the top of your tree?

Use Random Objects

Fruits, vegetables, books, socks, and other preferably non-living things can all be a part of your project.

Be Creative

The most important part is to try to bring your craziest ideas to life. Don't be afraid, have fun. We're excited to see what YOU come up with.

The Deadline

The deadline for entries is December 27th at 11:59pm EST. We will announce winners the first week of January.

Rules & FAQs

You can create as many as you would like and enter as many times as you would like, but be advised that quality is always more important than quantity.

You can fully customize your ornament from raw materials or you can customize an existing ornament. You can use any inspirations, and source materials, there are no limits except your imagination.

Your ornament entry can be shown on a custom tree, on your family's tree, by itself, hanging from the ceiling, a menorah, or your grandma's ear. The important thing is that the photo provides a clear view of your entry and is tagged properly according to the instructions under "How to Enter" above.

Note: If you are under 16 ask a parent to help you, be sure that any kind of paint being used is meant for use indoors, don't set anything fire or do anything that we wouldn't do. 😏

We can't wait to see what you come up with!

- Lora Zombie & Team 💙