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Stay Home Part 2: #StayHome Club Tips

I’m sure many of you have heard at some point in your life from your parents or teachers that you wouldn't amount to anything lying on the sofa, and now here we are with everyone telling us to stay home to save the world. 🙂

There is enough dark news around, so I will just say that these are some light hearted words and tips, written with deep and sincere gratitude for everyone who is outside right now working on this problem and keeping essential services going for all of us who are most useful to just do our part by staying home.

It's really important and helpful to keep your spirit lifted at times like these, to be inventive about your routine and to enjoy small things and focus on what you have and what you are grateful for.

In my personal daily routine lifestyle schedule, nothing has changed much. I'm a stay home club loner pro and just want to share my vision and tips of enjoying this new and specific quarantine time for you.

In general everything that I've accomplished in my life has been a result of staying home a lot and being busy and ambitious with my art passion. So if you're an aspiring artist or creator but have been tangled into the web of the importance and time dedication of a busy social life, this your good chance to embrace your creativity and to unleash your genius.

Impressing yourself is the hardest, and now you have plenty of time to meditate and do your best work.

Speaking of meditations, one thing I find very amazing, beautiful, charming, and magical is tea ceremonies. It is a truly comforting and grounding process for me. Helping my thoughts to settle, my ideas to form/mold and my emotions to balance. I would truly advise anyone to enjoy their favorite stay home club beverages of their choice in a truly slow way and making it as cute and beautiful as possible. Just make it a ceremony of you, joyful to your eyes and comfortable to your buns.

Sketching and studies of some simple objects or your beloved pet is a good practice for me as well. A tiny vacation where I absolutely enjoy the process without any expectations or pressure of an amazing or perfect idea to be born. Just enjoying the process.

When it comes to pets, I'm so lucky to have a nice beautiful loving and majestic companion by my side. Neptune. I've been thinking lately how many doggos and cattos and other cute stay home club pets are happy to have their hoooomans with them. Enjoy your time full of unconditional love with your buddy.

Another important part of my daily life is music. Music is nothing but magic, the stay home club's best friend. Music is the paint of your day, you pick the shades and color of what today is going to be. Music creates magic in what you create that is unseen to others, especially when you are all alone, singing along, not worrying about how good or bad you are, just feeling and enjoying it. Don't forget to dance. We all do our best dances when we are all alone.

Its a perfect timing to catch up on your list of books to read and movies to watch too

This whole experience is nothing like we were prepared for. But now its good to practice being present. Patient. Understanding. And aware or the world we live in

So those are some of my thoughts, tips, and experiences in #stayhome mode. What are yours?

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