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Lora Zombie DEMI LOVATO x JBL Launch

In September of 2017 Lora was invited to New York to paint three murals for singer/songwriter Demi Lovato's pop-up exhibit celebrating her partnership with JBL and her new album Tell Me You Love MeLora's journey to this event all began with an Instagram post. 

The King and The Princess

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After sharing the above post on January 15th, Demi reached out to Lora. Demi was initially introduced to Lora's work through her manager, she particularly liked this piece; her now iconic painting "The King and the Princess", but it was unfortunately not available to purchase at the time. Any Demi Lovato fans will know lions hold a special place in her heart, she even has one tattooed on her hand, so it was clear why this piece stood out to her. Undeterred, we were able to arrange a commissioned lion themed piece for Demi's home in Los Angeles while Lora was there working on murals. 


Lora's love for animals made this a project she could easily be inspired by, and the final painting really speaks to this. 

For the DEMI x JBL Tell Me You Love Me Pop Up Lora drew inspiration from JBL and Demi's new album. She clearly portrayed this in her three murals that created a unique backdrop for this exciting event. 

Check out this video of the opening night event and visit Lora's YouTube channel for more videos like it.