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'Flaming Heart' West Coast Tour Recap

The Flaming Heart Art Show Tour has all wrapped up and we had a blast! We want to thank everyone who took the time to come out, brace the lines, see some art, buy some art and, of course, meet Lora! She is so happy you did! 

"THAAAT line before opening of my show in San Francisco! I cant believe still... how many people come to my art shows! Thank you! La la Love!" 💙 Lora

It was two weeks full of excitement. Lora was hugging overjoyed fans, signing anything, petting dogs, holding babies and sharing her amazing energy with everyone that attended. They left the shows reenergized and full of joy and so did we!

"Hugs-is the best way of communication between people that just met, for pure energy charging exhange⚡⚡⚡" 💙 Lora

We started in Vancouver BC on May 31st, then we moved down the West Coast to Seattle, Portland, San Francisco and then wrapped up in LA on June 10th. The Seattle and Los Angeles events featured a ticketed pre-show live painting event with Lora that culminated in two incredible new works.

The show also provided visitors an opportunity to see 30 new Original works that truly were magical to see in person. 

The widespread appeal of Lora's unique work is clear from the array of people that attended the shows. They spanned all age groups and came from all walks of life united by Lora’s highly interpretive work, each painting holding different meanings for different people. It sure was a magical tour filled with love and unicorns!

"People! I love you! You are amazing! It feels like by the end of FlamingHeart tour im going to be energy overloaded with all your love u give me! Thank you! Happy!" 💙 Lora

Check out the galleries for each event with the links below to see the video recap for each city and all the pictures, you might just spot yourself in some. 

Thank you again for making this tour, the first of it’s kind for Lora, a great success! We hope to have many more in the future. Want Lora to visit your city? Hype her up! Get people to follow her and support her directly by purchasing her work and the more popular she is in a city, the better chance she will visit there 🔥💙

Did you attend the show? Share your pictures with #FlamingHeartTour