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Versicolor Reflection' is a comprehensive volume of Lora Zombie’s life, career, and work so far. Lavishly illustrated with over 300 pages of art, photos, sketches, and written insights, this book assembles and organizes Lora’s work, thoughts, and inspiration, into an intimate and unprecedented format.


The auction is LIVE NOW for the first (#1) in an upcoming Edition of 1000 signed and numbered pieces. Please contact hello@lorazombie.com if you would like information on how to bid.

The full details for the Limited Edition Book release will be announced following the closing of the auction for the #1 book.

This #1 book is one of a kind, including original artwork of prints that will be released in the upcoming editions, the first in a series of 'Water Dragon' small originals, a signed polaroid photo, and a one of a kind sketch inside the book to be completed custom for the buyer of the book.


Book Features:

9.5 x 12 Inch 304 Page Art Book

Foil Stamped Slipcase Cover

Signed and Numbered Bookplate


#1 Unique Book Features:

Unique Signed and 💋’d Polaroid

‘Princess Universe’ Original Painting (9x12 Inches)

‘Ocean Dragon’ Original Painting (9x12 Inches)

‘Water Dragon’ Original Painting (6x8 Inches)

Custom Sketch To Be Included Inside The Book


Auction Details:

Auction will begin tomorrow, October 20th, at 1pm EST

The auction will start at $100 with no reserve price

A link to bid will be sent exclusively to this mailing list when the auction begins

The auction will end Wednesday 10/27 at 4pm EST


Full edition release details and pricing will be announced following the conclusion of the auction for book #1.

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Thank you for your interest and support! ⚡️💙
- Lora Zombie Studio