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'Heartbreaker Kid' HPM Print Available 6/27 @ 1pm EST

This is possibly our most jaw dropping First Edition release yet, the very first which is hand finished by Lora Zombie. It's available tomorrow, June 27th, at 1pm EST for a Limited Time Only!

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This release is extra special because each heart is entirely hand drawn and painted by Lora, making each print one of a kind.

In addition to the special hand finishing, all the special touches and details of our First Editions apply, including a stunning blue metallic foil custom designed embossed stamp.

This First Edition release of 'Heartbreaker Kid' is only available to order once, starting tomorrow June 27th at 1pm EST right here.

As with all First Editions, the Certificates of Authenticity are specially designed for this release. Printed on superfine and extra thick 32pt paper with a colored (blue) seam, each one signed by the Director of the Lora Zombie Studio.

What is a First Edition?

A First Edition is the very first multiple of a Lora Zombie original creation. These Editions are designed to be prized and special because they are as close as a collector can get to the original artwork. They are also produced in a single limited run and are only available to order once for a limited time.

Each print is hand signed, embossed with the Lora Zombie Studio seal of authenticity, and stamped with a metallic blue foil impression. The paper is an ultra heavy and ultra soft 290GSM 100% cotton rag paper.

The Certificate of Authenticity is a superfine and extra thick 32pt paper with a colored (blue) seam. It's double sided with one side containing the print details and signed by the Director of the Lora Zombie Studio, the other contains the artists statement and design to accompany the work.

In some cases there will be no further reproduction of the work in any format, but in all cases there will be no print reproductions of any kind for a minimum period of 6 months.

For the very best and most collectible print available of your favorite Lora Zombie creation, don’t miss the opportunity to purchase the First Edition of Heartbreaker Kid!

Print & Release Details:

  • 22 x 30 Inches (30 x 38 Inches Framed)
  • Hand Finished & Hand Signed
  • 290 GSM 100% Cotton Rag Fine Art Paper
  • Embossed with Lora Zombie Studio Authenticity Stamp
  • Stamped with a Blue Metallic Custom Designed Broken Heart
  • Certificate of Authenticity With Printed Design and Artist Statement
  • Available Framed in a Bright White Mat and Frame Combination Designed by Lora Zombie
  • Ships Worldwide via UPS Expedited
  • Opens For Orders: Wednesday, June 27th at 1pm EST
  • Closes For Orders: Sunday, July 1st at 11:59pm EST
  • $150 Each / $280 Matted & Framed

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