Lora Zombie Studio News

Answers to Some Frequently Asked Questions

It has been a few weeks now since the new Official Lora Zombie website launched. We're really happy to hear the positive feedback, and very much appreciate all the support and encouragement. Here are a few FAQs we've been seeing from emails and comments, with some answers that we hope will be helpful.

Will you be signing prints?

We do not have any plans for a signing promotion or for Open Edition prints to be signed in the foreseeable future. Open Edition prints are still digitally signed, with a printed signature that is usually the same as on the Original Painting.

What happened to Limited Editions?

We have put a lot of thought into Open Editions and Limited Editions. Particularly how they have been done in the past, and how they should be done going forward.

We want to be able to offer as much of Lora's archive of work as possible in flexible sizes and formats to have your favorite art available in a range of sizes on an ongoing basis. We also want to offer something special and collectible for customers who want something extra special, unique, and signed.

We will be introducing a brand new format for signed and collectible special first releases of new pieces soon. Stay tuned for news on our upcoming First Editions format starting with "Welcome To Yourself" coming soon.

Will Mini Art Blocks be available again?

Though Mini Art Blocks will no longer be a part of the permanent offering, we will be offering them as a special release soon.

What about Canvas?

Our focus is on making the selection of Open Edition Prints as large as possible in terms of choice of images (now approaching 300 unique pieces), but focused in terms of product formats and size options. For that reason, we narrowed down from 5 size options to 3. We also focused on the format that Lora prefers the most and that is most true to her original work which is paper, not canvas.

Paper provides the most vivid and detailed gallery quality reproduction of Lora's work possible. It's how Lora has work displayed in her own home and studio, and though you may be in the habit of ordering canvas we would encourage you to order a Framed Art Print and see the quality and detail yourself.

Is X Image Available as a Print?

If you follow Lora's instagram you will see that she has been extremely busy in the studio creating new work. Usually she posts work just as it's finished, so it takes some time for it to be scanned and planned for release. To be the first to know about new releases sign up for our mailing list below.

Are you still working with Eyes On Walls?

Absolutely. Eyes On Walls is our partner for fulfillment and we continue to work closely with them behind the scenes.

More Questions?

Contact us here, we'll add any questions we've missed to this blog post as well.

We hope this was helpful, thank you again for all the support, feedback, and questions.