Inner Child Meets Inner Beast

Inner Child Meets Inner Beast

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"Personally as an introverted person living mostly in my own bubble with a parenting background that was less than ideal, I have been researching the topic of inner child healing and figuring it out on my own for quite some time.

Most of the time, embracing my inner child was challenging. I would just give my inner beast all the power and put it in charge to protect my inner child from everything and everyone. Addiction to chaos and fear would take over, which wasn’t always the best idea, but, with time and work invested  both of them, my inner child and inner beast have learned to get along and make a pretty good team. Each helping me to explore and experience life more fully, giving the peace of mind and wider insights into others.

I made this painting to share this feeling of your inner child facing your inner beast. Sometimes you just need to sit together with them in silence, and let them get to know each other better, and guide them to a path of collaboration, success, and clarity.  I wish you all good luck with your personal journey and sending my love to your inner child."
- Lora Zombie


  • Mixed Media on Paper
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    Lora Zombie (b. 1990) was set on becoming an artist at very early age. The self-taught artist first gained recognition in the late 2000s as her work circulated online, reaching millions of people through blogs, news outlets, and social media. Since then, Lora has developed into a top seller on the urban art scene with exhibitions in London, Los Angeles, San Francisco, Toronto, Vancouver, Russia and more, bringing in the interest of collectors and fans worldwide.