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Lora Zombie X Urban Nation - Iceland

Urban Nation Brings Lora Zombie To Iceland For Wall Poetry

Earlier this year Lora was invited with a group of 9 other artists to take part in Wall Poetry, a unique artist collaboration project in association with Urban Nation Berlin and Iceland Airwaves Music Festival. The artists were paired with musicians from the festival lineup. They were then challenged to create massive murals on homes in Reykjavík. Project curator Yasha Young of Urban Nation Berlin says, “The goal was to take the invisible creative process when a painter listens to a record while painting or a musician sees a certain painting or art installation and wants to incorporate the emotional experience and inspiration in her or his songs and connect this process between the two on a very special collaborative platform.”

The artists spent 14 days, rain or shine, transforming Reykjavík into a magical, free art exhibit. They really couldn't have asked for a better backdrop for their incredible works. The public's interest has been peaked and festival goers this November are sure in for a treat.